Will Harris Productions

Professional Video Production is vital to your brand, image and longevity when it comes to your business. The slogan “Don’t Compare Prices, Compare Quality” can never be underestimated. Will Harris Productions is top notch when it comes to both quality and professionalism. I am an award winning cinematographer and I have a background in film from my university. I care more about the end result of the product than the price. Yes, you do get what you pay for in life, but it is important for me to make clients and potential customers aware of investing in their brands. I have the top quality camera equipment that is superior in every way and I continue to add on to that.

I have directed, produced and edited some of the best videos around with some amazing clients and companies such as, PBS, ESPN, NBA, MTV and Discovery Channel. My company shoots and edits productions that include Feature Films, Short Films, Music Videos, Documentaries, Commercials and my favorite “Weddings”. I believe the best advertising that you can receive is by repeat business or referrals and I am fortunate enough to receive a lot of that.

I travel the world fortunate enough to capture beautiful images through the lens of my camera, giving my clients videos that rival the best video companies in the country. Will Harris Production is here to stay and will only get bigger. I love working with independent clients and people on limited budgets, but understand you can’t be afraid to invest in yourself or for what you want if you want real professional video quality.

For any prices and quotes, contact me on my website and I will answer anything you need…. Make Will Harris Productions your next selection when it comes to helping you build a quality production



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